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 [Guide]How to post screenshots/videos on forums?

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PostSubject: [Guide]How to post screenshots/videos on forums?   Thu Sep 20 2012, 09:22

How to post screenshots on forums?

I have had questions about "How to post screenshots", therefore I decided to create this.

There's couple of different online free Image/media hosting services and I'm bringing just one up, because overall the hosting services have the same basics.:
* Choose picture > File Type > Choose format > Upload it and write the CAPTCHA > copy img code > paste it at forums! ( You can read about "CAPTCHA" at wiki )

7 different Image hosting companies (Type the names in Google and you'll find): (Examples)
* ImageShack
* Photobucket
* Tinypic (Here's the URL already [IMG]embedded just copy and paste, no sign up needed)
* Imgur
* postimage.org
* pixhost
* fileize

(I'm talking only about free hosting services, just like a normal daily youtube link or other topics here at this section about xfire, sony vegas etc but I won't give the exact link, only the name of the hosting company/companies)

Let's begin! Wink

In order to have screenshots available you have to press F8 in-game and remember to empty your "screens" folder and move the pictures to another location,you'll have space for more

[size=150]Follow the steps:[/size]
- Go to (for instance) "ImageShack" (Online photo and video hosting)
- First you have to search for a picture to upload by pressing the "Browse" button. (Usually your GTA screenshots is in My Documents/GTA San Andreas users files/SAMP/screens or My Computer/Local Disk/Program files/Rockstar Games etc, well it all depends on where you have saved the user files of course etc) :ugeek:

b) Remember to re-size your picture. (Preferably under 800x600).http://forums.crazybobs.net/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=16

c) This is quite obvious, just press the "UPLOAD NOW" button.(Remember that you can upload more pictures at once)

d) And unfortunately this company changed few things a while ago, which means that you have to sign up in order to get "Direct link" etc.

[size=150]And:[/size] (ImageShack)

- Click on your tiny image (In order to get a big image from your URL)
- You have to copy the "URL" (Select all/ highlight and CTRL + C or press RMB which is the right mouse button and choose "copy") and later paste it on the CnR forums (CTRL + V or press RMB and choose "Paste").
* You can get the URL by pressing RMB and choose "Copy URL or weblink"....

- Click on your tiny image
- Look at the right side click on "Embed this image" and below you can see now "Forum", -Copy that link
(You can "Select all/highlight" the link with only a click in that box)

Last and final step:
- Go to the forums
- Choose a section
- Make new topic by clicking on "NEWTOPIC*"
- Type your subject and make your post
- Paste the URL you've copied and use the "Image" button to embed that picture of yours
( It's Highlighted in yellow colour on the picture below! )
- Remember to highlight your URL and click on the "Img" button
- Or you start to click the "Img" button and paste the URL between [i m g]*Here*[/ i m g] (I made it with spaces as the forum makes it a icon. So do the [i m g] thing without space!)
- Some companies have [IMG] embedded your URL already and you just copy and paste it

Now you have to only click on "Send" and you have posted it Very Happy

Now the second part!
How to post a video on forums?

Well , it's similar to the method above but little modifications. I will explain it clear to you Wink

- First , You must record your gameplay. You need a video-recording software such as Fraps and XFire. I prefer Fraps as I use it.
Fraps is available as Trial version for download but it records for only 30 seconds.
Fraps Trial Version here!
You can purchase Fraps Full version for 37$ . Check the link below for it.
Buy Fraps Full Version here!

After you recorded the video , you must post it here. But how? I will explain it.
You must upload it in some video-hosting website. I prefer Youtube as it's free and efficient.
- You must sign up to upload videos. After Signing up , click on the ''Upload'' button above.(It's marked on the picture)

It takes some time to upload. After Uploading it , it will show a link and say ' Your video is live at ''Link'' '. It's the Direct link
- You missed that link? No problem. Just play your video on youtube and copy the link on URL Bar of your browser. It will be like
Remove '&' and everything after that. (It's marked on the picture below)
So the new URL will be ''https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGC22uxGckw''

- The Final step! Do [y o u t u b e]Put the Link here![/y o u t u b e]
(Do that without spaces as shown in the picture).
That's it! Now Click ''Send'' and your video will be on your post! Very Happy

Hope that made everything clear. Any help? You can Private message me on forums and I am ready to help you!

Thanks for reading!

Just for fun.... Embarassed

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Any Help , feel free to ask me through PM! :3
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[Guide]How to post screenshots/videos on forums?
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