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 [DS] News Reporter [DF]Zoro

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PostSubject: [DS] News Reporter [DF]Zoro   Tue Jan 31 2017, 23:46

Ingame name:[DF]Zoro


Are you a member of the [DS] Clan ?:No i am not

Did you break any rules ?:No i haven't, and i never will

Why do you consider being a News reporter ?:Because we can't play with cheaters

What are you going to do as a news reporter ?:i am going to report it on forum and i hope the cheaters get banned

Are you going to be active, and are you going to report news daily ?:i am always active 24/7 haha
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PostSubject: Re: [DS] News Reporter [DF]Zoro   Wed Feb 01 2017, 00:02

actually news reporter, means reporting news, not hackers.. bringing some fun into the community with some original ways
i think you misunderstood its meaning.

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[DS] News Reporter [DF]Zoro
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