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 Malfunction Report: 20.01.2017

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PostSubject: Malfunction Report: 20.01.2017   Fri Jan 20 2017, 14:34

What happened?: The server is again experiencing multiple crashes every few hours, but sadly the problem could not be traced yet. The hoster had already been contacted but we know that this is not a hosting problem. It appears that the MySQL database has got multiple problems. After running some tests the Scripter team can confirm that this is definitely a MySQL plugin problem. Replacing the plugins with newer version didn't have any effect on the crashes. At the moment I must admit that we cannot prevent the crashes, but we're eagerly searching for a solution.

When did it happen?:
16.01.2017 - now

Comments: The crash only happens when players connect and there's no proper reason to it since it happens randomly. All we know by now is that it is a problem concerning the NAdmin script and the MySQL database. This topic must be considered a problem until further notice.


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PostSubject: Re: Malfunction Report: 20.01.2017   Fri Jan 20 2017, 17:00

I hope the scripter team finds the problem.Good Luck


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Malfunction Report: 20.01.2017
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