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 UPDATE 25/07/2016

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PostSubject: UPDATE 25/07/2016   Mon Jul 25 2016, 11:16

Hey everyone,

today there was a (small) update release: A Helicopter Fast Roping System has been introduced.

It works as follows: When you're passenger of a Police Maverick (it must be a Police one) and your Height is below or equal to 50m you can press Numpad+ or '2' (Submission Key defined in your controls) to Slide down from the Helicopter by using a Rope.

Video below shows this feature:


Another huge update is waiting for you in the following 2-3 weeks, so make sure to stay tuned !




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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 25/07/2016   Thu Jul 28 2016, 03:53

Nice work Stormy. Good job! We're looking forward to that. Razz



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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 25/07/2016   Thu Jul 28 2016, 10:29

Amazing work!


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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 25/07/2016   Thu Aug 04 2016, 21:05

This is amazing Very Happy I like it a lot


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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 25/07/2016   Mon Sep 12 2016, 08:44



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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 25/07/2016   

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UPDATE 25/07/2016
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