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 Server Update

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PostSubject: Server Update   Thu May 21 2015, 21:41

So Simple

[10:34:55 PM | Edited 10:34:59 PM] ahmed nezar: when will the server update to 0.3.7
[10:35:52 PM] Drew "O" Carroll: Oh ya know it's not the time we'll do it when bout 70% guys be using that version
[10:36:26 PM] ahmed nezar: we are waiting for you
[10:36:57 PM] Drew "O" Carroll: nice xD
[10:37:21 PM] ahmed nezar: So we are waiting for you, and you are waiting for us (think)
[10:37:38 PM] Drew "O" Carroll: (makeup)

For people who ask me Smile


Credits To: Kstar For the singuature and avatar

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Server Update
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