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 Reporting [Q]ErenReis[HK]

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PostSubject: Reporting [Q]ErenReis[HK]   Fri May 15 2015, 19:32

Ingame name: [DS]Big_K

Who are you reporting?: [Q]ErenReis[HK]

Evidence, What did he do?: Sobeit

DS Ban Log shows that he was banned yesterday, but today i saw he ig.

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PostSubject: Re: Reporting [Q]ErenReis[HK]   Mon May 18 2015, 17:37

Banned again my Shagmesiter!


Credits To: Kstar For the singuature and avatar

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PostSubject: Re: Reporting [Q]ErenReis[HK]   Wed May 20 2015, 08:08

Thanks for the report, suspect is BANNED!


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PostSubject: Re: Reporting [Q]ErenReis[HK]   

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Reporting [Q]ErenReis[HK]
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