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 Gameplay improve

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PostSubject: Gameplay improve   Gameplay improve I_icon_minitimeTue May 12 2015, 13:50

Hey guys,
I think it's time to improve gameplay on our server, if Desert Storm want getback all his notoriety update is needed in my opinion.
I know it's asking a lot, but the current gameplay possibility ar enot enough, however what Stormy made is really great and cool, the desert offer so much possibility and keeping the 2 only objectiv (C4 and plant airstrike) would be just boring for few player.

That why I would like to suggest different way to solve this problem of gameplay that look repeatitiv:

> we should think about new objectiv cause only 2 look a bit poor today, I already propose some in my previous suggestion (New base/bonus base/objectiv /etc ) I let you check these suggestion and the other member one too ;P
> Also, we should set a Counter/timer , working on a score or time system, in order to motiv newbie at completing objectiv, that will provide a better battlefield gameplay cause actually only 2 axe for player to move.
When counter/timer is completed by earning XXX score (with base/objectiv capture) the match end and team with more score will win extra winning bonus for their victory.
> 2 possibilty with this counter, reload/replay on same mapping/objectiv or maybe we could load a new map with different objectiv (ok it's a lot of work but it would be a great plus for us in order to get a better gameplay possibilty)
> more possibilty with completing special force mission (stpu for now) as getting special cmd to improve battlefield experience such as drop supply, ask for an objectiv to complete for extra score, drone assistance, special satelite cover to reveal sniper or etc  

I know Stormy is a bit busy right now but maybe we could all work on this it would be great, I can't script but I'm ready to help in mapping, I'm sure all together we could give something to improve DS experience !

Gameplay improve 3YZIOnq
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Gameplay improve
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