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 Gravity's Suggestions: Reaction Tests

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PostSubject: Gravity's Suggestions: Reaction Tests   Fri Feb 20 2015, 19:13

Dear DS Members and players,
I'm here now to suggest you a new cool idea of mine:
What about to add some questions for the reaction test pool?
Awesome and funny questions could be:

-What does FBI stand for?
-When did finish the 2nd world war? (year)
-What does
EMP stand for?
-Who invented the atomic bomb?

And so and so...

Tell me your feedback and more awesome questions!


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PostSubject: Re: Gravity's Suggestions: Reaction Tests   Fri Feb 20 2015, 20:31

Obviously reaction tests should get improve. So +1. How about:

What was the name of the Hiroshima's Nuclear Bomb? - Little Boy
What was the name of the Nagasaki's Nuclear Bomb? - Fat Man
Presidents Roosevelt and Truman represented... - Democrats
Osama Bin Laden got killed at the year of... - 2011
Who's the actual the supreme leader at North Korea? - Kim Jong-Un
Desert Storm got created by Stormy_Wolf at the year of... -

Snap !
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Gravity's Suggestions: Reaction Tests
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