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 Base suggestion : Military Secret Bunker

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PostSubject: Base suggestion : Military Secret Bunker   Mon Jan 26 2015, 11:47

I think that it should have more objectiv as /C4 and plant airstrike in the way that it's the one of the main new player attraction factor. That could also provide a better gameplay wich is too much axing on killing in my opinion.
So i suggest one let you propose other Wink

Secret Bunker : Special Objectiv

>can be open only by capturing the previous bunker I suggested ( http://desertstorm-gtaclan.forumotion.com/t6172-bunker-base maybe I'll rework this one).

> Once you own the little bunker you'll be able to fix C4 on a freight train, and once the C4 fixed on it, it will start from the little bunker to the Big Bunker that I suggest Now in order to EXPLODE THE ENTRANCE DOOR (I also suggest to make the freight drive by a bot in order the freight don't out from rail cause of a high speed. maybe make this train destructible by army also in order they protect the Big bunker).

>The door opened, Terro will have to plant 2 C4 in the big bunker, in order the countdown Start you'll have to plant a 3 and last one in the lowest room of the bunker. (3 C4 ? 4 with the one of the freight ? Yes that will force player TO TEAMWORK, in the way that they can't finish the objectif alone).

>When the Countdown start for C4 explosion (Something as 20-25 second after the last (3) C4 is planted), Everyone will have to run out from the bunker, In the way the last charge is far from the entrance I set a SPECIAL TUNNEL EXIT Wink.

Some thing probably need balance, fix, etc. for ex I suggest a long /defusing time for army (in the way it's really far for terro to get back base buy some new C4). Or ! just don't ALLOW Army to defuse the planted C4 in the way there is 3 charge I think this Option should be better !
THe bunker should also be lock since the other one is not captured. (entrance 1 and 2 of rail tunnel + the tunnel exit)

Some picture :
Location ::

Entrance ::

Interior 1 ::

Interior 2 ::

Objectiv C4 ::


What you can see from sky ::

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Posts : 378
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PostSubject: Re: Base suggestion : Military Secret Bunker   Wed Jul 29 2015, 12:08


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Base suggestion : Military Secret Bunker
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