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 Bunker Base

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PostSubject: Bunker Base   Fri Jan 16 2015, 13:17

Little Bunker Base :

I suggest to add a bunker in this hill, wich will add a new kind of base (inspired by server 2 mapping of stormy (wermacht base)).
I try to follow at maximum the alpha railroad with the mapped tunnel wich will permit to train pass in the tunnel (need test but I think it's ok since it work on mta editor) so why not add the freight train in server Wink

Base :
From sky you will only see the two entrance tower + the garage at the top of hill.
inside you will have a little bunker with 2 entrance, 3 different room (2 radar room + the mainhall) with some breakable item etc. I don't add more room since it was just a mapping test but finally as it look usable I suggest it Wink. Anyway I'll try to do a bigger one in desert not far from stpu.







I could try another mapping with more floor if you think it's too close.
I hope you like the idea , it could increase battlefield area ( since i've used a lot of spot near area 51 for my other suggestion I need to go far away for new base), I'll also try to find an idea of objectiv with a second bunker that I'll map later. gimme feedback/suggestion please Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Bunker Base   Fri Jan 16 2015, 15:04

P.s. You got mapping hacks ? xD jking


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PostSubject: Re: Bunker Base   Fri Jan 16 2015, 16:49

What could I say except : AMAZING !!!!! ?

A lot of great ideas, would be cool if added.


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PostSubject: Re: Bunker Base   Wed Jul 29 2015, 12:07


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PostSubject: Re: Bunker Base   

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Bunker Base
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