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 Artillery Outpost (New base Suggestion)

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PostSubject: Artillery Outpost (New base Suggestion)   Sun Jan 04 2015, 19:56

Artillery Base :

It could be funny to add an artillery system, I mean, I like the machine gun turret system and I suggest to do it with artillery Very Happy I don't know if it will be easy to script.

Anyway it could really increase the gameplay and add a strategic gameplay too, I mean you will have to keep the artillery outpost owned by your team clear or your base will be over enemy shot with your artillery outpost
> they could use your artillery unlocking it by "code"(as the airstrike) or CP with a time to stay in etc (you can use normaly your artillery in your ArtiOutpost but have to unlock enemy one's).

So 2 Artillery Base :
=> One owned by Army the other by Terrorist team
=> 3 kind of artillery (good luck for script xD)
  ° A short range arti :I suggest a Grenad laucher turret that could shot quickly (reload time to fix with balance), you can drive it directly (as minigun turet) and maybe we should lock aiming on 90° or 120° (no more to avoid abuse) on the X axis.
  ° A medium one : I thought to an anti-airplane turret, wich could be drive with an aiming as when you have aim with the heat seeker rpg, with a 360 ° aiming. CAN ONLY SHOT AUTO GUIDED MISSILE ON PLANE AND HELI ! I let you suggest the number of Ammo and/or the Reload time you think it would be better.
  ° A long range one, something as a "grosse bertha" wich would be ONLY DRIVABLE by your enemy with an aiming from the sky, LOCK this artillery aiming on each base and not the other. (In order that teamate don't shot on their base but only enemy, I don't know if I'm clear ;p).
Set One ammo all the X min and a realist radius (something a bit LESS large than the C4 explosion).

Don't Make player Spawn in these base, forcing them to go at it, and don't set vehicle in the base.
Note : I Add some antitank mine (no need to script for this object wich already have a colision rejec with tank ;DDDD So they are already usable simply with adding this object (kmb_mine)

Location :

Grenad Launcher Turret :
Anti-Airplane Turret :
Long range Artillery :

About the base looking (half cavern half constructed) it's just a suggestion
Terrorist Artillery
Exterior :
Interior :


Army Artillery
Maybe add an elevator here :
Exterior :
Interior :

This suggestion is a bit too much maybe, anyway we can balance Artillery power with radius/range/ammo/Cd.
May some of you will not like to see grenad fall from the sky , or take an antiplane missile, or take a Heavy Artillery shot in his head, but it will be more realistic in my opinion. ;D
What you think ?

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PostSubject: Re: Artillery Outpost (New base Suggestion)   Sun Jan 04 2015, 20:42

All of your ideas are interesting, maybe requires some skills in script but if it's added, it will improve server's gameplay !


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PostSubject: Re: Artillery Outpost (New base Suggestion)   Wed Jul 29 2015, 12:04


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PostSubject: Re: Artillery Outpost (New base Suggestion)   

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Artillery Outpost (New base Suggestion)
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