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PostSubject: Suggestion   Fri Nov 28 2014, 14:08

The players who hijack vehicle should be banned for 2 days.I had seen some people talking that this server is not best and many more suggestion i will give, Now only this one. I want that this server becomes best of all SAMP servers. I am trying too. Kindly read my suggestion, and think of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion   Fri Nov 28 2014, 14:24

Simple Punishment like BanWarn / Kick is Enouth ..

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion   Fri Nov 28 2014, 14:26

ban ? I don't think its required. They are warned twice and then kick. I didn't find anyone doing car jack after being kicked once or max twice.
Still thanks for your suggestion. Smile \/


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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion   

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