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 Clan Application

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PostSubject: Clan Application   Thu Nov 20 2014, 07:55

Ingame Name: (xD)Chokulitz

Age:14 ,2000/20/06

Timezone (GMT):2:05

Current score/kills: 1334

What are the DS Rules:
1st. No hacking /scripting
2nd. No abusing the bombs from tanks /hydra/helicopter
3rd. Obey admins
4th. Respect the [DS] members/admins/any staff /players (too)
5th. No insults /making fun of the new players or the old players =same level
6th. No abusing bugs
7th. No rpg on foot only against vehicles
8th. No Rasicm
9th. No advertising like a webpage or ip adress for another server
9th. No harass the players and no flaming

Broken any rules?:Nope

Been KICKED/BANNED before in the server?: yes This DAY Sad .. MY opinion I Use Tank /BOMB SPAM .. Then Banned me.. Sad 2nd Rules im not follow Sad

Why you want to be a member in DS?: i want to be a DS member to provide informations for the new players and help them any thing they need ,i like the server there are so many cool stuff in it and the players are awesome +the best admin team ,therefor i'd like to try my change to be a DS regards -(xD)Chokulitz Wink

I Have a (Medal Of Honor)
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Application   Thu Nov 20 2014, 09:02

Dafuq stop spamming or u will be banned like Jason_JB13

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Clan Application
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