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 hello help plzzz

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PostSubject: hello help plzzz   Wed Sep 10 2014, 15:26

i hacked money but i returned my money to 200k like it was . . iused the money because i want t duel onlyy . iam not hacker i didthat because i want to duel with saad ., i swear i will not make it another time  .how can   i get unbann . help me plzz . i did it only 1 time only for duelsss plzzz i will not  make it second time . u can trust at me becaus e iam muslim and muslims never lie with swearing . becasuse they know that there will be a hell for lieerss . plzz i swear i wont retry it / Question Question Question Question Question Question Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral

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PostSubject: Re: hello help plzzz   Wed Sep 10 2014, 15:38

[DS]killer999 wrote:
No chance for hackers

Stays Banned


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hello help plzzz
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