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 i wont stop posting topics till......

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PostSubject: i wont stop posting topics till......   Sat Jul 12 2014, 10:08

i hope u guys hear and see wht i m saying and recive it as a truth. btw, i just wanted to tell jetforce something and try to belive it. ( when u banned me for 24 hrs, for disrespecting. actully the one who i disrescpted him(pedo bear), disrespect me too he told me:(go away u wont be unbanned) and dont even try to say NO mr.bearĀ Evil or Very Mad then why u didnt ban him too. anyway the most part that s**ks is coming is when the ban times expires, he banned me again right jet? just remember the time and the date u banned first time and second time and mesure the time between them and if u dont remember, dont say the word u said:( Didnt i ban u yesterday?) and actully my ban time was expired. so jet dont be an old man and say( i dont remeber). actully u must remember cuz u must rember and of course dont forget the third time ( today). i dont wanna disrespect u or anyone and of course. i m just defending my right. here is the full truth. i just want toget unbanned and ignore wht happened in the past. i know u gave me many chances but if u give me one more chance, i wont screw it up again ( and i dont swear about this). if duck nuk didnt send my apologize to jhon cool and failed too when loocky banned me, i just wanna say to him srry. thats a personal apologize from me: i m srry for calling that ugly name and i mnt srry i m so srry. if guys think that wht happened cant be fixed, well i think it can but without locking plz and without banning the forum cuz if u banned me on forum, then there is nothing i can do then and i know that wht are the admins planning to do( banning on forum). thats the final step to make me away forever from DS. well i wont lie. i just want to get unbanned plz dont ban me on forum. just unban me on DS only.i missed everything in it.
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PostSubject: Re: i wont stop posting topics till......   Sat Jul 12 2014, 10:39

Can anyone ban his forum account, this has gone way too far...


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i wont stop posting topics till......
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