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 my apologize- Mohamed7431

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PostSubject: my apologize- Mohamed7431   my apologize- Mohamed7431 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 10 2014, 23:42

hello everyone! i m here to say srry to everyone i had insulted him ( Jhon, Fire, Bomba,Pedo,Loocky and etc...). i just wanna fix the problem. i didnt know that i will make it worser belive me. anyway,i know that i have been banned many times( actully that suprised me ). i want to tell u all the real story from my 1st ban to the last one.okay here is the whole story. in the day of my first ban, i was sad when i was playing. i was just singing(i know it is  crazy but srry i like music) then i was muted by Jhon Cool. then i told him: (WHY U MUTED ME?). Then he told ( STOP SINGING HERE SING AWAY). Then i told him: ( SRRY I M IN LOVE). Then he told me : ( WITH WHO?). Then i told him: ( A GIRL IN MY CLASS). Then he made me very angry with this words: ( THEN GO SING TO HER). from here the insults had begun. i was angry then and yea i wont lie i insulted him( SRRY I WAS FURIOUS). then the he insulted me and i insulted him. he told ( LITTLE KID). And told him( LITTLE BABY) till he banned me (1st ban). then he only unbanned me cuz of my bro. then i told him : (SRRY). then he told me: (FOR WHT). then i told him: ( FOR CALLING U A BABY). but he didnt apologize to me too thats means that he hates me and wants me to be banned forever, anyway, on another day( 2nd ban and worst one), i made a squad and here are the members that were in it:( ME, KETERSTONE, LOOCKY,BAMBOO AND JHON COOL).but before jhon joins the squad, i told him:( WANNA JOIN OUR SQUAD?). then he told me:(AND WHY SHOULD I JOIN IT ANYWAY). then i told him:( YES OR NO?).then he joined it. then i told him:( WHY U JOINED THIS SQUAD?).then he told me:( I DUNNO).then i thnked some one ( I DONT REMBER HIS NAME) for joining the squad. Then jhon told me: ( U DIDNT THNK ME WHEN I JOINED).then i told him:( U JOINED IT CUZ U HATE ME RIGHT?)then i was thinking that the insults will begain again then jhon will ban me again cuz he said:(I  DONT WANNA SEE YA AROUND IN DS). then from here and the insults started again till i reported someone who is aimbotting maybe i was wrong maybe that man wasnt a cheater and i know that i was wrong( AND SRRY FOR THE BAD WORDS IN THE REPORT) . thats why i only want another chance( LAST ONE). anyway then i was banned from jhon again( 2ND BAN). then on the next day, something weird happened i can join DS. then i tried to play on another pc. and wanted to fix the problem thats why i pmed loocky and told him:( PLZ TELL JHON I M SRRY).then he banned me( 3RD BAN) . i didnt know that my evade wont fix the problem and even with my old ip, i can enter DS with it.maybe some unbanned me (idk). and again, i wanna say srry for everyone i had insulted him . here is a thing i m doing: REGRETING FOR MY INSULTS. but no one gave me a chance so be unbanned even no one wanna me unbanned anyway i will say it again and again .srry everyone.

1- plz dont ban me on forum too. (i was banned in DS 3 times and on xat 3 times too). if u wanna ban me on xat and forum too , its okay but plz can u unban me in DS?

2- jetforce banned me for 24 hrs in xat. then when the ban time expired, i was online after the ban expire maybe by 2 hrs. then jetforce banned me again an hour ago from now( and my ban time had been expired) and i pmed him about that.

3- warning: dont read this topic cuz if u read it, u will have a headche.

4-if i get unbanned, i will be friendly and helpful with everyone ( and i can prove that) but to prove that i need to post this topic and be unbanned.

5-if my apologize wont get me unbanned,then i did wht can i do.
6-plz loocky help me, u said that u will help me.
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PostSubject: Re: my apologize- Mohamed7431   my apologize- Mohamed7431 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 11 2014, 00:59

First of all, I didn't call you "a little kid" as far as I remember. Second, you insulted in the first time me but I didn't care and tried to ignore you until you called me "a motherfucker" and I just have a problem with people using the name mother in the insults because that's between you and me, there in no need to bring family in a game. Third, you had your chance, and what did you do? You blew it away by insulting all the admin team who was online at that moment by your report. So, I'm sorry to say this but you will never be unbanned.

Topic locked and stays locked. Unless management has something to say about this.

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my apologize- Mohamed7431
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