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 Unban please

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PostSubject: Unban please   Thu Jun 06 2013, 10:05

hey, I do not use armor cheat, why when I finished filling armor suddenly banned my ID? oath, I do not use cheat armor.

Please unban my ID, my ID is iqbalbabay14

I really want to play on this server, so please unban me! No
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The LoNe[R]anGeR™


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PostSubject: Re: Unban please   Thu Jun 06 2013, 15:04

Wrong Section, Brother/Sister

Correct Section:
Complaints > Unban Appeals.

My Stats:

Name: [DS]LoNe[R]anGeR [Former Name: [DS]Knight_Chaos).
Score: 9400+.
TDM Rank: General of the Army (Army General).
WOC: Sawn-Off Shotgun, M4, Tec-9, DEagle, Sniper Rifle.
COC: Army (Cops) / Sniper.


STPU Rank: STPU S.R.U.O. (> STPU Commander).
STPU Previous Rank: STPU S.O. (< STPU S.R.U.O.).

Desert Storm:

Role: Desert Storm Member (DS)

[DS]KiLLeRDieGo99 / [DS]LoNe[R]anGeR at your Service !
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Unban please
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