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 bugged C4 i think

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PostSubject: bugged C4 i think   Fri May 03 2013, 17:33

Well today,At 12.31AM,Me and [DS]Rocko,found a C4 bug.Okay this is how the story starts,First of all Rocko requested me to Plant a C4 on army base.So I bought it and prepare to go to Army base but,I spawn on a guy which is AFK,So rocko told me to /kill.After I respawn,I buy it again,But when I reach army base C4 zone,I type /c4 but it says I din't bought C4 which it already -$5000.So I went to base again and bought it,When I reach the zone,Still problem not fixed.

Witness: [DS]Rocko
Money Wasted: 20k

Chris Rosso
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PostSubject: Re: bugged C4 i think   Fri May 03 2013, 17:37

Yes its bugged i saw He buyed and its not coming
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bugged C4 i think
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