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 UPDATE 08/04/2012

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PostSubject: UPDATE 08/04/2012   Mon Apr 08 2013, 21:51

Gamemode Versions: 7.22 and 7.25

1. Further Performance improvement

2. Added Suicider Plane available for Terrorists on the Carrier

3. Modified Class Selection (added some animation)

4. Added UAV Map (new conquer Zone) near Terrorist Base (Map Credits to [DS]Killer_79)
----> Conquerable, replacement for Oil Source which was rarely used

5. Some Pickups and Info Boxes within the UAV Map

6. Fixed invisible Car Bg (test still outstanding)

7. Fixed Terrorist Vehicle Bug (Carrier one, Hydras didn't respawn when in water as well as rustlers)

8. Some minor bug fixes


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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 08/04/2012   Tue Apr 09 2013, 07:33

Nice uptades, but UAV map is THE BEST

Need help? PM ME!!!

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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 08/04/2012   Tue Apr 09 2013, 07:35

UAV is unique and cool ! Thanx Stormy and Storm aka killer79 :p


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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 08/04/2012   Tue May 14 2013, 15:57

I cant find the suicider plane..... Laughing

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PostSubject: Re: UPDATE 08/04/2012   

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UPDATE 08/04/2012
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