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 [Information] On SAMP - 0.3x Client update

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PostSubject: [Information] On SAMP - 0.3x Client update   Mon Feb 11 2013, 20:20

Hie there, its me Tevil, first of all a big "Thanks" to our DS team for updating the server to 0.3x so fast. You all must have already know that the server's are now running on SAMP Client 0.3x. However there might be still many out there, who are not aware of, how to upgrade the SAMP Client to new 0.3x. Will be showing you simple steps in which you can update your client to 0.3x from 0.3e, will also be showing you the major changes that you will notice in the server.

The server are now running on 0.3x, which mean's there will be some new updates which you will be experiencing once you upgrade your SAMP Client to 0.3x, about which we will discuss later. Firstly In-order to connect to the server you will need to update your previous SAMP Client which was 0.3e to 0.3x.
To do that simply follow these steps :

Step 1 : Click on this link ( http://www.sa-mp.com/download.php ) and download the new SAMP client 0.3x and save it on your computer

Step 2 : You need to go to your GTA Sandreas main directory that is - where you have installed your game, and search for SAMPUnistall.exe, then double click on it and follow the on screen instructions, by doing this you will be uninstalling your previous SAMP Client 0.3e. Dont worry all the server Ip's that you have saved will automatically be moved on to the New 0.3x client

Step 3 : Now open the "sa-mp-0.3x-R1-install.exe" [The New SAMP 0.3x client that you have just downloaded] and follow the on screen instruction and dont forget to install it on the same directory where your GTA Sandreas is installed.

Step 4 : Now you have successfully upgraded your SAMP Client from 0.3e to 0.3x and now you can start playing on the server again.

Please Note : You have to uninstall you previous SAMP client first, only after you are done with unistalling your previous 0.3e Client, install the new SAMP Client 0.3x, else it will show you error and wont work.

New Changes and features that you will experience on 0.3x :

Now you will see a "Hourglass" near the name of the player's who are Alt-Tabbed.
Example :

[center]New more vivid and bright HD color's for vehicle's are added with new color ID's.

[/blur] you will be able to see Skins, toys and vehicles with In game picture preview of them, however you wont be seeing this at the moment, but will be updated soon, just wait for NGG team to announce about that.

PS: These are just the basic information for those who are still experiencing problem connecting to server.


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PostSubject: Re: [Information] On SAMP - 0.3x Client update   Tue Feb 12 2013, 16:53

Thanks For The Information Tevil Brother..... Smile

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PostSubject: Re: [Information] On SAMP - 0.3x Client update   Wed Feb 13 2013, 02:36

Yea, Thanks for the information's !
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PostSubject: Re: [Information] On SAMP - 0.3x Client update   

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[Information] On SAMP - 0.3x Client update
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